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Dara Olson

Dara Olson

Project Manager



Dara is Ash’s niece joined the PHS team in July 2013. Prior to that she had a career in IT Operations Management and IT Risk Management within Financial Services. She has a Degree in Information Systems and Management from the University of London. The sunshine and outdoors beckoned and tempted her away from the desk work, exploring NZ one tree at a time seemed like a fantastic lifestyle choice.

Outside of work she is found cruising in her classic car, cycle touring, or roller skating with Rotorua’s Sulphur City Steam Rollers Roller Derby team.

Top tips that cost you nothing!

  1. Get your trees assessed as early as possible to get an indication of volume and infrastructure requirements
  2. Get on our newsletter market update list
  3. Phone for a chat, use us to keep yourself informed
  4. Ensure you become a priority client so we can ensure we have the crew capacity to harvest your stand when it suits you
  5. If you are looking to make changes to your land, subdividing or building - ask us for advice; our harvest plan and infrastructure planning has the potential to help you add value to your land or future project
  6. Ask lots of questions and ask for references
  1. Assessment

    Produces an estimate of your crop value based on market values and taking into account associated costs
  2. Harvest Plan

    A detailed harvest plan identifying road and skid placements
  3. Agreement

    Proposal signed and timing of operation scheduled
  4. Infrastructure

    Preparing your environment for the harvest project
  5. Tree Harvesting

    Logging crews & equipment move onsite to fall and process your trees according to the Harvest Plan
  6. Log Sales

    Negotiate the best price for your logs in the current market
  7. Land Rehabilitation

    The land rehabilition will be undertaken according to your preferences
  8. Project Completion

    Provide a detailed financial reconciliation and onsite review of harvesting operation to ensure expectations have been met