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Professional Harvesting Systems

Our team has extensive experience in running harvesting operations and providing optimal log marketing solutions; providing benefits to you, the forest owner.

Professional Harvesting Systems Ltd (PHS) is a large provider of independent harvesting and log marketing services for woodlot owners within the North Island. PHS speciality is putting together customised harvest management solutions for our clients. We have a selection of logging crews available to suit your needs either as a small farm woodlot or a corporate forest.


We can provide an obligation free assessment on your trees - this includes :


- An estimate tree volume and value

- A harvest plan for extracting the logs

- An overview of harvest related costs

- A log marketing strategy




Greg Bell

Greg Bell - Director

Greg has an Honours Degree in Forestry and has held senior harvesting and marketing management roles with large corporate forestry companies....
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Craig Peters

Craig Peters - Director

Craig has many practical logging qualifications and has had a solid career as a Harvest Manager before joining forces with Greg to form PHS....
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Hayden Cram

Hayden Cram - Harvest Manager

Hayden joined PHS in 2013 after having completed his Diploma in Forest Management. He is now assessing woodlots and managing harvest operations....
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Ash Brown

Ash Brown - Woodlots Contract Manager

He has had his own logging truck, introduced the first self - loader into NZ and managed his own logging crews...
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Dara Olson

Dara Olson - Project Manager

Dara worked in IT Operations & Risk Management, but sunshine and outdoors beckoned and tempted her away from the desk work...
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Ani Doherty - Administration Manager

Ani is the glue that keeps us together. Most importantly she ensures all data is correct so everyone gets paid...
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Our Services

The services we provide to our customers are as follows:

8 Steps to Harvesting

Step 1

AssessmentProduces an estimate of your crop value based on market values and taking into account associated costs

Step 2

Harvest PlanA detailed harvest plan identifying road and skid placements

Step 3

AgreementProposal signed and timing of operation scheduled

Step 4

InfrastructurePreparing your environment for the harvest project

Step 5

The Tree HarvestingLogging crews & equipment move onsite to fall and process your trees according to the Harvest Plan

Step 6

Log SalesNegotiate the best price for your logs in the current market

Step 7

Land RehabilitationThe land rehabilition will be undertaken according to your preferences

Step 8

Project CompletionProvide a detailed financial reconciliation and onsite review of harvesting operation to ensure expectations have been met

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If you have trees and want to know how much they are currently worth, then we can tell you.
It won’t cost you anything for us to assess and give you a starting point.
Our job as Harvest Managers is to ensure you get the best return for your trees
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